Red city - don't fight the drum

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Thank you so much Ticket Ninja team for defending me.  I had been photographed making  a left turn through an (almost still yellow) red light.  I thought I had no defense but I found Ticket Ninja through the internet and contacted them anyway.  My defense packet was wonderfully written.  Within 30 days my case was dismissed and two months later – yesterday – I received a check for $500 from San Mateo Superior Court – Traffic division – the entire amount of bail I had paid.  Not only did I get my bail back, I will not have a point on my DMV record.  You guys are geniuses.  Thanks again.

  • Kenny N.
  • Fountain Valley, CA
5/24/2016 Thank you John for helping my wife to fight for her ticket. It’s a big win for us. I would never thought the red light photo ticket would be dismissed but you did it. You were patient with us in the beginning of the process, and spending the time to return our phone calls promptly. We definitely got our money’s worth going to Ninja Ticket. Thanks again for all your help!
  • SB R.
  • Union City, CA
7/4/2016 Got a Red Light camera ticket (Automall and Fremont Blvd.) for turning right on red back in Feb.:-(  Didnt think I had too much of a chance but decided I wanted to give it a shot anyways. I postponed the deadline to pay/ appear by 30 days to June 1st.  I wanted to research and see if I could fight it myself or find somebody who could.  The legal jargon was a little too much to process for me so decided to find somebody who could fight for me.  Spent hours on end on yelp and other sites, reading reviews….etc.  My deadline of June 1st was fast approaching and had no success in finding somebody reliable…( On Yelp, I read the published reviews as well as the reviews that are not published).  Just with 5 days left to the June 1st deadline,  I happened upon Ticket Ninja’s review on Yelp (he had 5 stars in both places) and looked up their website which looked promising. Decided to take a chance and called.  John answered right away and was extremely courteous.  He explained the entire process of Trial By Declaration (TBD).  Signed up right away through their website and as promised I got the TBD all written up and ready to be signed within 3 days.  John even called me to update that he had sent the paper work via email. He had step by step instructions as to what needed to be done. Followed it to the T and dropped it off at the court (I lived within driving distance to the assigned court) with the bail amount.

Red City - Don't Fight The DrumRed City - Don't Fight The DrumRed City - Don't Fight The DrumRed City - Don't Fight The Drum