Kylie minogue - performance

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[music playing]
Male Voiceover: Tonight, only on
NBC, prepare to believe,
the unbelievable.
Female Speaker 1: Stay here
[inaudible]. Good girl.
Kylie Minogue: You're a sight for sore eyes.
Kylie Minogue: For the honor Grayskull?
[music playing]
Kylie Minogue: I am She-Ra.
[music playing]
[swords clinking]
Male Voiceover: Justice will
be served, but at what cost?
It's the one hour season
premiere of She-Ra,
staring Kylie Minogue.
And you won't believe what
happens next week on She-Ra.
She-Ra Weintra, you're under
arrest for the murder
of Edwin Skelly Skeletor.
Kylie Minogue: You get out of here.
You have no evidence.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Male Voiceover: For more
go to /she-ra.
And the reboot gets even
rebootier with a special
guest star.
Forgive me father.
For I'm about to sin.
Male Voiceover: You won't believe
what your eyes will see.
Ryan Stanger: Ryan: Hey sis.
Kylie Minogue: He-Man.
Ryan Stanger: Lets bust you out
of this slam jam.
Male Voiceover:
Only on NBC.
It's gotta be NBC.
Male Voiceover: And two
Wednesdays from now, She-Ra
returns with a special episode
you won't want to believe.
David Theune: Not now.
David Theune: Hey She-Ra.
I have your chart.
Kylie Minogue: Give it to me straight.
David Theune: You're pregnant.
Kylie Minogue: It can't be.
Kylie Minogue: It can't be.
Male Voiceover: Wednesday night
is She-Ra night on Wednes-BC.
Male Voiceover:
And in 3 Wednesdays,
Alfie Allen: Hey She-Ra.
Kylie Minogue: Skelly?
Alfie Allen: What's the matter? You look
like you've seen a dead man.
Kylie Minogue: I killed you.
Kylie Minogue: You're dead.
Male Voiceover: It's all your
favorite things you
remember about She-Ra.
Male Voiceover: And next
month, it's the 2-hour finale
of She-Ra.
Kylie Minogue: I'm dying Skelly.
Alfie Allen: You can't leave me now She-Ra.
Alfie Allen: I can't go on without you.
Kylie Minogue: It's too late.
Kylie Minogue: [inaudible]
[he weeps]
Alfie Allen: Noo!
Male Voiceover: NBC,
more colorful.
Male Voiceover: And stay tuned for
the premiere of the new comedy
everyone will be
talking about.
Alfie Allen: All I'm saying is many woman
just can't be friends.
Alfie Allen: That's all.
Is this because your last
girlfriend tried to kill you?
[studio audience laughter]
Male Voiceover: Skelly. Only on NBC.
The peacock network.

Kylie Minogue - PerformanceKylie Minogue - PerformanceKylie Minogue - PerformanceKylie Minogue - Performance