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So, as we try to wrap our heads around the fact that the actor’s Netflix run has been a success of epic proportions , are the 15 Worst Adam Sandler Movies .

Three years later she’s missing double science to head to New York Fashion Week, where she’ll audition for jobs with designers such as Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein.

I certainly hope none of you ever discover how many times I check on you tube for my current video's or old Styx video's when I'm bored because it would be embarrassing. Or the number of times I google myself. Google has begun to send me messages beginning Hey dude get a life. Kind of like the Lite beer commercial when Troy Aikman claims to not dwell in the past and then his ring tone goes off screaming "Aikman touchdown unbelievable".

I believe those who claim to not be interested in themselves or their past are secretly wanted for transporting illegal goods across state lines, or their lying. I mention this because this video popped up in that ever helpful or intrusive function on you tube that appears under "recommended for you". Now if one of these videos turns out to be "Sexy Sabrina and her frisky Python" trouble could be right around the corner. You know who you are.

Thankfully for me and Suzanne it was Dennis DeYoung at Manny's deli 2000 not Sabrina, Suzanne is deathly afraid of snakes I did not post this because it shows me in the most glamorous light, quite the contrary but because I believe it demonstrates essentially who I am as a person and performer. Manny's deli was the TV station's idea not mine and when Suzanne, Carrie and I who was my publicist at the time arrived at 6 am my first thought was, I wonder if it's to late to become an aluminum siding salesman. It was clear that the early morning crowd at Manny's were clueless as to I was or why I was interrupting their breakfast. I believe that when the camera panned around the room FBI alerts were sounded causing a momentary ruckus as fugitives escaped. I made that last part up. So faced with situation I did what I always do and made the best of it. Anyone can accomplish things under the best circumstances it's the vast majority of life we must somehow manage to get through. I had recently been replaced in the band I founded and had been given the opportunity to headline the Rosemont Theater by Tim Orchard who ran the joint.

It was much to big a venue for someone like me, capacity 4300 but Tim convinced me to play it with a 50 piece orchestra. The orchestra show was his idea and he put up all the money (a lot a scratch) convinced he would sell it out. He did not once but twice leading to our partnership for the last 15 years. So there I was at Manny's of all places trying to stir up ticket sales for a show I was convinced no one would attend. On the curb and all alone without the mighty Styx name behind me I did what I had to do, which was playing Lady of Spain on the piano in front of a bewildered bunch. Wait a minute I just realized where the idea of Lady came from..."Lady of Spain I adore you". Remember "winners are losers who got up and gave it one more try".

Hey everybody,

Sandler & Young - Pretty Things Come In Twos / HeatherSandler & Young - Pretty Things Come In Twos / HeatherSandler & Young - Pretty Things Come In Twos / HeatherSandler & Young - Pretty Things Come In Twos / Heather